Author(s): Salikhova Irina Sergeevna

Rubric: Economic education

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2018-3-103-110

Release: 2018-3 (26)

Pages: 103-110

Keywords: creativity, creative capital, creative efficiency, creative symptom complex, positive internalities, divergent thinking, economics of implicit knowledge, corporate self-education

Annotation: The article presents an algorithm for analyzing the qualitative integrity of the ability of an economic agent to perform creative activities. The dependence of creativity on the intellect and the level of development of the implicit knowledge of the economy subject are shown. The results of the analysis of specific elements of creativity are offered: a system of categories, types and forms of creativity, factors of creative effectiveness. The main elements of the creative symptom complex providing the increase of the overall efficiency of the economic agent creative activity are considered. The forms of manifestation of creativity as a function of the organic unity of convergent and divergent thinking are analyzed. A definition of creativity in a narrow and broad sense is given. The purpose and scientific novelty of the article is to identify interdisciplinary conditions and factors of increasing the level of the ability of the economic agent to creative activity. The scientific and practical significance of the article is to justify the need for an accelerated development of a system of implicit knowledge as an ontology of creativity of a subject of the any economy level.

Bibliography: Salikhova IR.SE. ANALISIS OF THE QUALITATIVE INTEGRITY OF THE ECONOMIC AGENT CREATIVITY // Economics and Management. – 2018. – № 3 (26). – С. 103-110. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2018-3-103-110

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