Author(s): Vagin Vadim Nikolaevich, Fomina Marina Vladimirovna

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2014-2 (5)

Pages: 34-39

Keywords: argumentation, defeasible reasoning, degrees of justification, rough sets, notion formation, generalization, noisy data

Annotation: The methods of processing incomplete and inconsistent information in such subsystems of intel-ligent decision support systems as a decision searching subsystem of acquiring and storing knowledge are considered. In the decision searching subsystem, the main stress is made on the application of argumentation with justification degrees. In the acquiring and completion subsystem, the generalization problem in conditions of inconsistent and incomplete data is solved. For data generalization, the algorithm based on the rough set theory is developed. Research of noise influence on the work of the suggested generalization algorithm is carried out. The results of program modelling are presented.

Bibliography: Vagin VA.NI., Fomina MA.VL. ARGUMENTATION IN INDUCTIVE NOTION FORMATION // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2014. – № 2 (5). – С. 34-39. doi:

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