Author(s): Khodataev Kirill Viktorovich

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2014-2 (5)

Pages: 174-177

Keywords: climate, global warming, global energy consumption, technogenic heating atmosphere, the orbital theory of climate change, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases

Annotation: Climatic anomalies observed in the last decade raise the question about the reasons of their occurrence. The cyclic changes of paleoclimate from the point of view of the interpretation of the anomalies as natural phenomena are analyzed. Energy-economic flows in the thermal balance of the Earth are compared with dissipation as the result of human activities on the planet. The course to annual increase of the world production will lead to unacceptable climate change by the end of the century

Bibliography: Khodataev KI.VI. HUMAN ACTIVITY AND THE EARTH ATMOSPHERE // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2014. – № 2 (5). – С. 174-177. doi:

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