Author(s): Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich

Rubric: Globalistics

Release: 2014-2 (8)

Pages: 126-131

Keywords: public administration, political race, voter, economic situation, laws

Annotation: The article argues that it is time for the state, not for the market to create. There is a need a constant inflow of new forces, thoughts, ideas on the basis of open political race for voters, for the improvement of their life and strengthening of the state in public administration. In recent years the economic situation was stabilized in the country. At this stage, Russia needs a full four parties, or five as maximum. The state Duma reports usually by the amount of passed laws, but it is necessary that the report contained the analysis of the effectiveness of the passed laws

Bibliography: Zhirinovsky VL.VO. OTHER ECONOMIC POLICY // Economics and Management. – 2014. – № 2 (8). – С. 126-131. doi:

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