Author(s): Vasiliev A.O.

Rubric: Rostrum of the young scientist

DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2022-2.1-16-22

Release: 2022-2.1 (33)

Pages: 16-22

Keywords: self-regulation, self-regulating organization, professional association, non-profit organization, associations, unions, business activity

Annotation: An active development of regulation of economic and legal features of many industry activities occurs at the present, and the activities of self-regulatory organizations are becoming increasingly important. In modern conditions it is not the state that is responsible for the poor-quality work of most firms but self-regulatory organizations endowed with some control and supervisory functions. In this regard study of forming and development of self-regulating organizations in Russia has particular value in rapidly changing market conditions since it allows us to identify the prerequisites for the forming of self-regulation institution, its origin, specificities of action at present as well as to predict its further development. The article discusses the main milestones of the origin and development of self-regulating organizations institution in Russia from ancient times to the present, the main stages of its legal consolidation and regulation. The research uses general scientific, formal and logical methods of cognition. The author comes to the conclusion that analyzed institution has a centuries-old history; the main stages of its genesis are determined by the socio-political conditions of the development of the state.

Bibliography: Vasiliev A.O. EVOLUTION OF SELF-REGULATION INSTITUTION IN RUSSIA // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2022. – № 2.1 (33). – С. 16-22. doi: 10.21777/2587-9472-2022-2.1-16-22

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