Author(s): Ushakova Ekaterina Vladimirovna

Rubric: Criminal law and criminalistics

Release: 2014-1 (4)

Pages: 48-54

Keywords: factors (determinants), kidnapping, lucrative impulses, reasons and conditions for criminality, kidnappers’ demands, women’s recruitment, sexual services

Annotation: The article considers key factors determining kidnapping. These factors are: a) economic (the want to enrich oneself in the conditions of an economic crisis and its circumstances; for solving financial arguments; for credit repayment; for eliminating rivals; for slavery and etc.); b) political (because of the ideological, racial, religious hatred or enmity or because of hatred or enmity towards a social group); c) socio-psychological (due to interpersonal conflicts; great insult; blood vengeance; jealousy; compulsion of evidence; delivering sexual services and etc.)

Bibliography: Ushakova EK.VL. FACTORS (DETERMINANTS) TRIGGERING KIDNAPPING // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2014. – № 1 (4). – С. 48-54. doi:

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