Author(s): Malinovsky M.O., Anisimov A.Y.

Rubric: Management

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2023-4-84-91

Release: 2023-4 (47)

Pages: 84-91

Keywords: business processes, ICT, business process restructuring, optimization criteria, business process modeling

Annotation: The development of information technology and the penetration of digital innovations into various areas of business change the operating conditions of enterprises significantly. Data analysis, automation of production processes, implementation of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things – all these aspects require a new approach to business process management. The purpose of the work is to study the directions of digitalization of business processes of production systems, select directions for their restructuring and develop an algorithm for restructuring business processes. The study was conducted using qualitative analysis and modeling methods. In the article, the authors emphasize that the digitalization of enterprises is a process that affects all aspects of modern business. According to the authors, business process restructuring is becoming an important tool for adapting and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises. The authors determined that the restructuring of business processes is a necessary measure for the effective use of new technologies, including a review of the organizational structure, the introduction of digital platforms and management tools, as well as staff training. The article proposes an algorithm for restructuring business processes in the context of digitalization, and also models first-level business decisions at enterprises in the DMN notation, which makes it possible to present a description of the key stages of decision-making. The criteria for optimizing enterprise business processes in the context of digitalization are determined, and the main directions for optimizing enterprise communication business processes are outlined. The authors draw a conclusion about the need to use the DMN approach, with the help of which it is possible to identify those business processes of enterprises that need to be optimized in the context of digitalization.

Bibliography: Malinovsky M.O., Anisimov A.Y. THE FORMING OF AN ALGORITHM FOR RESTRUCTURING BUSINESS PROCESSES OF PRODUCTION SYSTEMS IN THE CONTEXT OF DIGITALIZATION // Economics and Management. – 2023. – № 4 (47). – С. 84-91. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2023-4-84-91

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