Author(s): Klevansky Nikolay Nikolaevich, Antipov Maxim Anatolievich

Rubric: Methodological research

DOI: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-4-71-91

Release: 2016-4 (16)

Pages: 71-91

Keywords: timetabling, demand, event, transport scheduling, greedy algorithm, ranking methods

Annotation: In the article basic concepts for transport scheduling problem are presented. The transport scheduling procedure use of two-stage algorithm developed in database system. The solutions obtained by the first stage algorithm with the best resource allocation rule are used as a baseline to compare those obtained by the latter. Each stage consists of two heuristic solution-finding procedures based on greedy ideology. The greedy algorithms use multi-criteria ranking of decision support theory. The algorithm introduces the concept of an adjustable resource allocation factor which can be used to produce schedules. The basic criteria for choice operations are demanded – criterion of vehicle workload and criterion of resource equability. A numerical example of transport scheduling is given. The realizations are used on set of train scheduling tasks

Bibliography: Klevansky NI.NI., Antipov MA.AN. TRANSPORT TIMETABLING PROBLEM // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2016. – № 4 (16). – С. 71-91. doi: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-4-71-91

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