Author(s): Domashuk Petr Vladimirovich

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2015-1 (9)

Pages: 119-125

Keywords: management, information, corruption, information models, descriptive models, the situation information, communication

Annotation: The article analyzes the phenomenon of corruption using the information approach. Article applies the formation of descriptive information models to describe the characteristics and mechanisms of corruption. The research is based on the concept of information and communication the situation as models of real processes. article analyzes the different lines of research of corruption. associated with modeling. Paper uses as a basis for analysis of ternary otnosheniyaa principal - agent - model. These relationships are divided into double in certain situations.

Bibliography: Domashuk PE.VL. INFORMATION MODELING OF CORRUPTION // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 1 (9). – С. 119-125. doi:

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