Author(s): Deshko Igor Petrovich

Rubric: Information technology

DOI: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-5-21-26

Release: 2016-5 (17)

Pages: 21-26

Keywords: information approach, information models, modeling, types of information models, design, information design, information design, information relations, informational situation, the information units

Annotation: The article reveals the contents of the information approach. The article shows that the information approach is the basis of information modeling. This article describes the modeling techniques used for solving applied problems. This article describes three types of models according to their degree of abstraction. This article describes the types of modeling. This article describes the relationship between the model and information design. The article describes the content of the information structure. This article describes the main areas of application of information design as part of the information approach

Bibliography: Deshko IG.PE. INFORMATION APPROACH IN MODELING // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2016. – № 5 (17). – С. 21-26. doi: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-5-21-26

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