Author(s): Slabospitsky A.S., Olagyan V.G.

Rubric: Relevant issues of private law

DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2023-2-36-42

Release: 2023-2 (38)

Pages: 36-42

Keywords: mediation procedure, alternative dispute resolution, mediator, trial, mediation activity

Annotation: The article analyzes the institution of the mediation procedure in the Russian Federation, as well as in foreign countries, identifies its positive and negative aspects, as well as the problems of legal regulation of the named institution, both in the organizational and procedural context. Despite the long and ornate path of development of this dispute resolution mechanism autonomous from the state, its unpopularity is primarily due to more attractive conditions for litigants to apply to classical institutions for the protection of violated rights. At the same time the state is interested in the development of non-state forms of conflict resolution, in particular in mediation, including due to their low implementation cost for the state, compared to the judicial system, but this criterion should not affect the quality of the final “product”, which also seems to be a certain problem for the successful use of mediation in Russia. In the course of the study relevant conclusions are substituted and further improvement of the institution of mediation is proposed.

Bibliography: Slabospitsky A.S., Olagyan V.G. THE INSTITUTION OF MEDIATION AS A STABILIZER OF PUBLIC RELATIONS // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2023. – № 2 (38). – С. 36-42. doi: 10.21777/2587-9472-2023-2-36-42

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