Author(s): Lukovnikova N.S., Lukanova E.A.

Rubric: Domestic and foreign trade

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2020-3-43-49

Release: 2020-3 (34)

Pages: 43-49

Keywords: investment, direct investment, capital investment, analysis, movement, capital, export, import

Annotation: The article deals with the problem of formation and analysis of foreign direct investment in the Russian Federation. The study of concepts and definitions: “foreign direct investment”, “classification of foreign direct investment” and “forms of ownership of investors”. The analysis of direct investment in the Russian Federation by institutional sectors of the economy is carried out. Considering these trends, it was found that the largest share in the structure of foreign direct investment was accounted for by debt financial instruments. The article defines the tasks related to the movement of foreign direct investment in Russia and abroad. Based on the assessment of current trends in the world economy and the review of mutual trade of the BRICS countries, the factors of increasing the inflow of foreign investment are identified. The article examines the current state of capital flows in foreign countries and analyzes the indicators of capital investment in countries with a significant drop in direct investment. This article is aimed at improving the quality of the country’s investment policy, considering possible trends in its further integration into the system of international economic relations.

Bibliography: Lukovnikova N.S., Lukanova E.A. ON THE MOVEMENT OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN RUSSIA AND ABROAD // Economics and Management. – 2020. – № 3 (34). – С. 43-49. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2020-3-43-49

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