Author(s): Mishina Larisa Alexandrovna, Mironova Alexandra Igorevna

Rubric: Civil, business and contract law

Release: 2014-2 (5)

Pages: 98-102

Keywords: commercialization, headwork, sole right, civil law, turn, Civil code of Russian Federation, competition, license, contract

Annotation: The article presents one of the most important tasks of the state in the field of intellectual property rights is the involvement of intellectual property into circulation. Exclusive rights to participate in public circulation, may be the subject of transactions. To date, the legislation provides for the registration of a patent license agreements, franchise agreements and agreements on transfer of computer programs and databases

Bibliography: Mishina LA.AL., Mironova AL.IG. COMMERCIALIZATION OF THE RESULTS OF HEADWORK // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2014. – № 2 (5). – С. 98-102. doi:

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