Author(s): Razovsky Yuri Viktorovich, Savelyeva Ekaterina Yurievna

Rubric: Environmental economics

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2020-2-55-63

Release: 2020-2 (33)

Pages: 55-63

Keywords: waste, strategic management, geo-Economics, concept, Arctic, environmental rent, classification, assessment methodology, risk, low-waste technologies

Annotation: For the first time, a geo-economic concept of waste generation and minimization in the Arctic and other high-risk areas of nature management has been developed based on the regulation of environmental rent. It has not only regional, but also Federal and international significance. Based on the study of the experience of waste processing by enterprises of Onega, Ustyansky and other districts of the Arkhangelsk region, recommendations are formulated for the production of popular products from the waste of the timber industry. The model of optimization of mining waste is considered as part of the optimal reduction of the volume of waste dumps. It is based on a laser monitoring of the rock mass, optimization of the angle of and fixing the slope in the development of diamond deposits them after Lomonosov M. V. the Theoretical significance of the concept and its novelty, is determined for the first time developed a classification of ecological rent as a General criterion of classification of rent Resovskogo Y. V. – the source of formation. The methodology of its assessment for the first time systematically combines the normative method, analysis, comparison method and economic and mathematical modeling. The practical significance is determined by the possibility of forming a regional strategy for minimizing waste and environmental damage. The strategy is based on the noospheric scientific worldview, rent approach, classification, and methodology for assessing environmental rents. It is proposed to manage rents, socio-economic and environmental processes using the experience of the Permanent Fund of the state of Alaska, the United States and the Pension Fund of Norway.

Bibliography: Razovsky YU.VI., Savelyeva EK.YU. THE CONCEPT OF FORMATION OF ECOLOGICAL RENT // Economics and Management. – 2020. – № 2 (33). – С. 55-63. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2020-2-55-63

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