Author(s): Savinykh Viktor Petrovich

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2015-3 (11)

Pages: 96-103

Keywords: outer space, space exploration, remote sensing, near space, defense

Annotation: The paper considers the near-Earth space as a potential area of operations. The paper describes the properties of space, which are important to the war effort and military intelligence. The paper describes the scope of space warfare and space military apparatuses. The article noted close to Geoinformatics geospatial intelligence. This article describes the features of space weapons and their means of delivery. The article mentioned the nuclear tests in outer space. The article describes the characteristics of space groups in the wars of today

Bibliography: Savinykh VI.PE. SPACE SPHERE OF MILITARY ACTION // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 3 (11). – С. 96-103. doi:

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