Author(s): Baranyuk Tatiana Vasilievna

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2015-1 (9)

Pages: 108-113

Keywords: information, information systems, information models. procedural models, the logical con-clusion, temporal logic, satisfaction constraints, satisfaction scenarios

Annotation: This article describes the temporal analysis of information systems using information models. Article offers procedural information models that describe the processes. The technique is based on the interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge from the field of artificial intelligence in the field of information systems. For the construction of information models used temporal logic. This approach allows us not only to describe the processes, but also to calculate the area of truth for the temporal characteristics. Information system changes its status as a set of situations and scenarios. Therefore, the technique uses a simple matching algorithm limits for the issuance of more complex tasks. This task involves finding the matching script behavior information system

Bibliography: Baranyuk TA.VA. METHODOLOGY TEMPORAL ANALYSIS OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 1 (9). – С. 108-113. doi:

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