Author(s): Nomokonov Ivan Borisovich

Rubric: Information technology

DOI: 10.21777/2312-5500-2017-1-55-63

Release: 2017-1 (18)

Pages: 55-63

Keywords: information, the information content, entropy, negentropy, the amount of information, di-agnostics, digital image

Annotation: The article explores the evaluation of information content of the digital image, and relates to the field of radiation diagnosis. Informative digital X-ray image is regarded as the basis of diagnosis. The article shows the feasibility of the method of estimation of negentropy for informative assessment. Assessment is based on a comparison of the standard and the analyzed image. This article describes methods of filtering a digital image to improve it. This article describes an approach to the use of entropy and showing his shortcomings. The article introduces the concept of information content of the digital image

Bibliography: Nomokonov IV.BO. NEGENTROPY AND INFORMATIVE // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2017. – № 1 (18). – С. 55-63. doi: 10.21777/2312-5500-2017-1-55-63

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