Author(s): Rosenberg Igor Naumovich

Rubric: Applied Geoinformatics

DOI: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-5-86-95

Release: 2016-5 (17)

Pages: 86-95

Keywords: ontology, knowledge, ontological approach, interpretation of information, axiomatic approach, productive approach, empirical approach, geoinformatics, subject area, subject field of geoinformatics, information construction, conceptualization, specification

Annotation: The article reveals the contents of the ontological approach in Geoinformatics as a tool to describe knowledge. The article covers the basics of interpretation of information to gain knowledge. This article describes the contents of the three groups of interpretation. The two groups are a priori. One group is a posteriori. The article reveals the contents of ontology as a comprehensive, integrated description. The article analyzes the definition of ontologies. Article formulates the concept of ontology in geoinformatics. The article analyzes the subject field of geoinformatics. The article introduces a structural model of domain ontology geoinformatics. The article proves that the ontology is a means of interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge between different subject areas

Bibliography: Rosenberg IG.NA. THE ONTOLOGICAL APPROACH GEOINFORMATICS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2016. – № 5 (17). – С. 86-95. doi: 10.21777/2312-5500-2016-5-86-95

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