Author(s): Khrzhanovskaya Olga Alexandrovna, Kamaev Valery Anatolievich, Tyukov Anton Pavlovich

Rubric: Educational environment

Release: 2015-2 (10)

Pages: 37-42

Keywords: theory of inventive problem solving, TRIZ, IT, startup, conceptual design, technological entrepreneurship, business modeling, course

Annotation: The article introduces concept of practical lessons for the course «Fundamentals of conceptual design» for senior IT students. The aim of the course is to teach them to apply methods of theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ), methods of commercialization, and good UI design principles to design IT solutions. The course has been tested on two groups of students (36 people) in spring of 2015. This course will allow students to consolidate their knowledge obtained at university, and give knowledge to create and commercialize competitive software products as well as be able to prepare documents for participation in programs to support innovation.

Bibliography: Khrzhanovskaya OL.AL., Kamaev VA.AN., Tyukov AN.PA. EXPERIENCE IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE COURSE «CONCEPTUAL DESIGN» // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 2 (10). – С. 37-42. doi:

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