Author(s): Zhiltsov Sergey Sergeevich, Zonn Igor Sergeevich

Rubric: Knowledge economy

Release: 2015-2 (13)

Pages: 96-104

Keywords: China, pipelines, hydrocarbon resources, energy policy

Annotation: Increased attention to the hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian region, China began to show before the collapse of the USSR. In that period the interest was limited to the scientific study of the hydrocarbon potential of the Caspian States. After the collapse of the Soviet Union's energy policy China successively passed through several stages: from gaining access to the oil and gas deposits in the region before the construction of export pipelines through which Beijing supplies of hydrocarbon resources. China's policy in the Caspian region has led to significant changes in international relations. The Caspian countries have greatly expanded cooperation with China in energy, by using Chinese investments in the development of oil and gas, as well as implementing pipeline projects, which provide their hydrocarbon resources access to foreign markets

Bibliography: Zhiltsov SE.SE., Zonn IG.SE. BASIC POLICIES СHINA IN THE CASPIAN REGION // Economics and Management. – 2015. – № 2 (13). – С. 96-104. doi:

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