Author(s): Rudyk Natalia Valerievna

Rubric: Management

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2019-4-103-107

Release: 2019-4 (31)

Pages: 103-107

Keywords: management, classification, construction, life cycle, low-rise housing, real estate market, cottage

Annotation: The main task of the housing policy of the state is the formation of a housing market accessible to the population, considering its real needs and opportunities. The residential real estate market is the Central link of the entire market economy of the country. The current stage in the development of the real estate market has a steady trend to the priority of suburban low-rise ecological zones of development. The idea of building a low-rise Russia is actively supported by the state. In addition, the use of innovative materials and construction technologies is possible in this market. Cottage real estate constantly attracts investors. Therefore, the question of governance becomes extremely relevant. The article considers the main types and types of cottage real estate, presents classes of cottage settlements. The main advantages and disadvantages of the existing classifications are revealed. At the present stage, the legislation on property management is focused only on apartment buildings. Management in the suburban real estate market is just beginning to develop. It is shown that control of cottage real estate necessary to carry out the following stages: project concept development, feasibility of location, design, and evaluation of the project, phase in Contracting and construction, marketing, management and sales of real estate, the search of methods and sources of project financing.

Bibliography: Rudyk NA.VA. FEATURES OF COTTAGE REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT IN RUSSIA // Economics and Management. – 2019. – № 4 (31). – С. 103-107. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2019-4-103-107

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