Author(s): Vlasova E.I.

Rubric: Rostrum of the young scientist

DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2022-2.1-23-28

Release: 2022-2.1 (33)

Pages: 23-28

Keywords: state civil service, corruption, personal interest, conflict of interests, corrupt behavior

Annotation: The problem of corruption, especially in our country, is one of the most widespread and discussed in public circles. The origins of its formation originate from the time of the formation of the Old Russian state and the operation of the institute of “feedings”. The article discusses the conditions and grounds for preventing the manifestation of corrupt behavior by civil servants, which may affect the quality and objectivity of their managerial decisions and the performance of official duties. Such concepts as personal interest and conflict of interests are considered separately, which directly affect the state of corruption in the behavior of civil servants. The article also highlights the problems of implementing measures to prevent corrupt behavior of state civil servants and develops measures to resolve them. This will allow us both to solve the problems of the manifestation of the action of corruption-causing factors in the activities of public civil servants, and to increase the effectiveness of the fight against manifestations of corruption offenses in official activities.

Bibliography: Vlasova E.I. PREVENTION OF CORRUPT BEHAVIOR OF STATE CIVIL SERVANTS // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2022. – № 2.1 (33). – С. 23-28. doi: 10.21777/2587-9472-2022-2.1-23-28

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