Author(s): Salikhov Boris Varisovich, Salikhova Irina Sergeevna, Oligova Marina Borisovna

Rubric: Economic education

DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-3-80-90

Release: 2016-3 (18)

Pages: 80-90

Keywords: tacit knowledge, cognitive competence, expectations, trust, behavioral economics

Annotation: The article deals with identification of high-quality integrity of the most important kinds of unspeakable tacit knowledge and updating their impact on the process of creating added value. The aim of this study is to show the reproductive role of key species of inexpressible tacit knowledge to ensure sustainable economic growth. To achieve this goal, the article addresses the following research objectives: carried out a general analysis of the system of implicit knowledge as a modern interdisciplinary phenomenon; explores cognitive ontology of the most important forms of manifestation of the system of implicit knowledge as the expectations and trust; it examines the cognitive nature of some other economic variables that have a direct impact on the dynamics of economic profit. The methodological basis of the study is systemic paradigm that defines the interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of tacit knowledge, as well as describing the growing role and importance of non-material factors in ensuring the sustainable rates of modern economic development. The scientific novelty of the system lies in the characterization of tacit knowledge as a general cognitive foundation of core competencies and immaterial assets of modern economic agent. The key scientific and practical significance of the results is to justify the necessity of qualitative renewal of economic ideology that ensures the creation of mental models and value meanings, targeting economic agents in the search for "good", namely intellectual rent. The provisions of article should be used for the development of methodological scientific and practical bases of behavioral economics and economics of tacit knowledge

Bibliography: Salikhov BO.VA., Salikhova IR.SE., Oligova MA.BO. THE PRODUCTIVE QUALITY OF TACIT KNOWLEDGE SOME FORMS // Economics and Management. – 2016. – № 3 (18). – С. 80-90. doi: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-3-80-90

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