Author(s): Orchakova Larisa Gennadievna

Rubric: Constitutional and municipal law

Release: 2014-2 (5)

Pages: 20-27

Keywords: In this article thumbnail portrait uhvachena milestones biographies Witte, but certainly not all. Nevertheless, it embodied the brightness and scale figures Witte, his originality. The role and importance of a political leader is especially significant turning points in history. Comp-build political portrait Witte is possible not only on the basis of his actions, studies, memories of him that appeared in the beginning of the XX century, but also in his own memoirs, where his talent as a writer

Annotation: Sergey Yulievich Witte, a political portrait, education, Petersburg society, character, public thinking

Bibliography: Orchakova LA.GE. SERGEYYULIEVICHWITTE. THEPOLITICALPORTRAIT // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2014. – № 2 (5). – С. 20-27. doi:

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