Author(s): Kryazhenkov Konstantin Gennadievich

Rubric: Educational environment

Release: 2015-1 (9)

Pages: 44-49

Keywords: education, educational technology, educational resources, network educational resources

Annotation: The article reveals the content and features of the network of educational resources. It is shown that network resources solve the problems of education and the challenges of supporting educational technology. Describes three strategies for the use of network educational resources. Describes three types of network resources. It is shown that the update network of educational resources is characterized by cycles. Describes two options for dealing with network resources, «thick» and «thin» client. Article shows that modern network education resources are widely used various emulators. However, this complicates the learning process, as it requires additional development of emulators.

Bibliography: Kryazhenkov KO.GE. NETWORK EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 1 (9). – С. 44-49. doi:

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