Author(s): Razovsky Yuri Viktorovich, Ruban Mark Stanislavovich

Rubric: Management

DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2018-1-63-70

Release: 2018-1 (24)

Pages: 63-70

Keywords: strategy, risk, efficiency, rents, profits, mineral capital, systematization, Surgutneftegaz, anti-crisis strategy

Annotation: The purpose of the research is systematization of parameters of risk and efficiency in the formation of the strategy of reproduction of mineral resources of capital. Developed methodology for assessing the comparative economic efficiency of use of mineral capital. Compiled typification of the development strategy of oil and gas companies. As an example, is considered «Surgutneftegaz», which is in the high risk zone, therefore implementing anti-crisis strategy of development of energy and oil and gas sector, based on increase of oil recovery factor, efficiency, refining processes, reducing costs.

Bibliography: Razovsky YU.VI., Ruban MA.ST. THE MATRIX SELECTION STRATEGY OF THE ENTERPRISE // Economics and Management. – 2018. – № 1 (24). – С. 63-70. doi: 10.21777/2587-9472-2018-1-63-70

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