Author(s): Buravtsev A.V.

Rubric: Information technology

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2017-3-23-32

Release: 2017-3 (20)

Pages: 23-32

Keywords: System analysis, stratification, complex systems, multi-layer architecture, stable stratification, structural modeling, rules for finding a compromise

Annotation: The article offers an approach to constructing a complex system based on a stratified method. The article describes the architecture of a complex technical system. The article provides a formal model for describing a complex system. Paper describes the concept of multi-layered interaction. Paper describes the formal mechanism of stratification. Paper introduces the concept of sustainable stratification of a complex system. The article shows the difference between full and stable stratification. Paper introduces rules for finding a compromise between the simplicity of the description and the preservation of the complexity of the system. Paper introduces a formal criterion for determining the quality of stratification. Paper describes a three-layer system architecture as a result of stratification.

Bibliography: Buravtsev A.V. STRATIFIED METHOD OF CONSTRUCTING COMPLEX I SYSTEM // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2017. – № 3 (20). – С. 23-32. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2017-3-23-32

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