Author(s): Salikhov Boris Varisovich, Salikhova Irina Sergeevna

Rubric: Knowledge economy

DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-2-122-132

Release: 2016-2 (17)

Pages: 122-132

Keywords: cognitive competences, the archaic structure of the economy, intellectual economy, indicators of intellectual economy, institutional capital, the ownership structure

Annotation: This article analyzes the relationship of competences and structure of the modern economy, which is an integral factor in the demand for human capital of relevant quality. The purpose of this study is to develop the foundations of the paradigm of the formation of knowledge-based economy, which determine the creation and development of cognitive competencies, or "competences of competences". Hence, the key tasks of the article are: the development of a general model of intellectual economy as a systemic factor of the expanded reproduction of creative competences, as well as the justification of the need of qualitative renewal property system as a deep socio-economic basis of the formation of the creative structure of the domestic economy. The methodological bases of the study are the key provisions of the systemic paradigm, actualizing an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of the relationship of the economic structure and the creative individual competences. Scientific novelty of the article is to clarify the interpretation and characterization of the main indicators of the intellectual economy. Also it is proved that without a qualitative renewal of institutional capital, which is based on property system, it is impossible to form a progressive structure of the domestic economy and create effective incentives for large-scale and radical social and economic innovation.

Bibliography: Salikhov BO.VA., Salikhova IR.SE. STRUCTURE OF INTELLECTUAL ECONOMY AS A FACTOR OF COGNITIVE COMPETENCE // Economics and Management. – 2016. – № 2 (17). – С. 122-132. doi: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-2-122-132

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