Author(s): Lukovnikova Natalia Sergeevna

Rubric: Economy

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2019-1-39-45

Release: 2019-1 (28)

Pages: 39-45

Keywords: Agriculture, the efficiency of use of budgetary funds, finance, financial stability, financial results

Annotation: The relevance of the topic of the article is determined by the objective need to improve the activities of agricultural producers, to stimulate their financial results on the basis of improving the quality of the provision of federal budget funds for the implementation of priority investment projects in the agro-industrial complex. Objectives of the article: a study of the financial potential of agricultural organizations of the Russian Federation on the basis of identifying the causes of deterioration in the quality of budget support at the level of individual subjects of the Russian Federation. To achieve this goal, the following research tasks were set and resolved: criteria for the efficiency and effectiveness of budget expenditure management, including those provided for the development of agricultural producers, were defined, principles for the efficient use of budget funds in financial management practices were described. Research methods: system analysis, structural analysis, grouping of financial results, comparison of assessment indicators illustrating financial resources, synthesis, graphical method of making decisions about food independence of agricultural organizations and the region, on the basis of which systematization of financial indicators was carried out. The article discusses the science-based grouping of the regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts according to the methodology of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Main results of the study: analysis of the distribution of funds provided to domestic agricultural producers showed that the quality of budget and concessional loans, grants and subsidies has decreased in recent years, which was confirmed by a review of financial indicators. As a result, the author carried out a calculation of the financial sustainability of agricultural organizations, taking into account budget support, identified indicators of food security across the regions of the Russian Federation and Russia. The article concluded that the introduction of a new financial policy as part of a universal state agricultural policy will help optimize budget expenditures.

Bibliography: Lukovnikova NA.SE. INFLUENCE OF BUDGETARY FUNDS USAGE EFFICIENCY ON FINANCIAL STABILITY INDICATORS OF AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS // Economics and Management. – 2019. – № 1 (28). – С. 39-45. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2019-1-39-45

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