Author(s): Sus I.V., Ivanova E.N.

Rubric: Management in social and economic systems

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-4-88-98

Release: 2020-4 (33)

Pages: 88-98

Keywords: scientific work, quality assessment, research, standard, reviewing, expert analysis, citation indicators

Annotation: For the majority of foreign countries, the assessment of research excellence has become an integral part of their policy in the sphere of development of science and technology. A particular focus would be diverted to the research work at universities meanwhile, for those places would often bring new scientific achievements through working out innovations and preparing highly skilled specialists. Despite the importance of the quality-assessment task and quite a long experience, the practice of scientific work evaluation would still betray certain methodological and organizational problems. The article the analysis of various approaches for assessing the quality of scientific research and examines the foreign experience in this field. The features procedure of scientific publications and highlighted subjective and objective factors affecting the quality of the review are noted. The problems of using bibliometric indicators to assess the quality of scientific publications are considered. The article provides a justification for the use of traditional expert assessment of the quality of research in combination with the use of specialized computer software.

Bibliography: Sus I.V., Ivanova E.N. RESEARCH EXCELLENCE – STRATEGIES FROM ABROAD (EUROPEAN COUNTRIES) // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2020. – № 4 (33). – С. 88-98. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-4-88-98

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