Author(s): Tsvetkov Viktor Yakovlevich, Troyan Philip Mikhailovich

Rubric: Information technology

Release: 2015-2 (10)

Pages: 48-53

Keywords: management, system management, front office, CRM system, automated control system, process control system, customer relations, marketing

Annotation: The article analyzes the CRM specialized system of automated control. This article describes the Office system. CRM is shown belonging to the front office. The article classifies the automated control systems for technical, technological and organizational. process control system divided into total and partial functions of fullness. This article describes the features of CRM. This article describes the conditions for the application CRM. The article points out the problem of the implementation of CRM in Russia.

Bibliography: Tsvetkov VI.YA., Troyan PH.MI. CRM-AS SPECIALIZED CONTROL SYSTEM // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2015. – № 2 (10). – С. 48-53. doi:

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