Author(s): Shapovalov A.B.

Rubric: Economics of sustainable development

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-3-40-47

Release: 2022-3 (42)

Pages: 40-47

Keywords: decarbonization, economic systems, resources, greenhouse effect, emissions

Annotation: The article states the doubt of the adequacy of the known hypotheses about the global influence of CO2 on the climatic deviations of our planet from established norms. The possibility of climatic warming with industrial emissions into the atmosphere of СО2 during the combustion of carbon-containing energy carriers (CEC) by economic systems is considered. Despite the fiasco of the well-known hypotheses, the article fixes their involvement in the economic and political confrontation of economic systems. It is noted that the assessment of the dynamic spatio-temporal system of natural interactions in the biosphere by the concentration of CO2 in the troposphere by one local value is not adequate. In particular, the article reveals that limiting the CO2 cycle by decarbonization of economic systems contradict the very essence of life. It is argued that the decarbonization of economic systems is absolutely irrelevant for the Russian Federation. From which follows the reorientationand resources of economic systems from decarbonization to the solution of their fundamental social problems.

Bibliography: Shapovalov A.B. DECARBONIZATION OF ECONOMIC SYSTEMS // Economics and Management. – 2022. – № 3 (42). – С. 40-47. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-3-40-47

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