Author(s): Bolbakov Roman Gennadievich

Rubric: Educational environment

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2016-1-34-39

Release: 2016-1 (13)

Pages: 34-39

Keywords: Education, knowledge, knowledge, information, cognitive entropy, anthropo entropy, cognitive factors

Annotation: The article examines the quality of education depends on cognitive factors. The article describes the new characteristics of the information – cognitive entropy. The article describes a model: information, communication and cognitive interaction. The article suggests that cognitive factors are taken into account with the introduction of cognitive filter. Cognitive entropy is described as a statistical characteristic. Cognitive entropy is a universal characteristic, which, depending on the set of statistics allows to evaluate cognitive measure: the file object, the teacher, the group of students. Evaluation of cognitive entropy allows to characterize and improve the quality of education

Bibliography: Bolbakov RO.GE. COGNITIVE METHODS FOR EDUCATIONAL QUALITY ASSESSMEN // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2016. – № 1 (13). – С. 34-39. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2016-1-34-39

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