Author(s): Voskolovich N.A.

Rubric: Management

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2023-4-92-101

Release: 2023-4 (47)

Pages: 92-101

Keywords: digital transformation, e-commerce, marketplace, segment, infrastructure

Annotation: The article is devoted to the problem of the development of marketplaces as the most important segment of e- commerce, for which the search for a more complete use of the opportunities of digital transformation is relevant. The purpose of this study is to show the features of entrepreneurial activity of marketplaces, as a specific segment of e-commerce, and to outline directions for its further development in the context of digital transformation. During the research, materials from official statistics, sample observations, expert assessments, as well as meth- ods of comparative analysis and groupings were used. The novelty of the article lies in the fact that it is shown how, under the influence of digital transformation, marketplaces acquire the features of digital platforms that provide a higher level of complexity of the online services offered, which leads to an increase in the number of consumers, partners and sellers. The growth in the volume and share of marketplaces in the e-commerce market creates conditions for a transition from the implementation of individual operations by internal services to the use of autonomous specialized business structures that form a unique infrastructure for the segment. The process of digital transformation in e-commerce is at the initial stage of its formation, therefore a transition from the introduction of individual technologies to the creation of functional services, identification and scaling of the most successful practices, and the development of methodological approaches to assessing their effectiveness are necessary, which is of great practical importance.

Bibliography: Voskolovich N.A. MARKETPLACES AS A SEGMENT OF THE RUSSIAN MARKET E-COMMERCE // Economics and Management. – 2023. – № 4 (47). – С. 92-101. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2023-4-92-101

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