Author(s): Kulik Boris Alexandrovich, Zuenko Alexander Anatolievich, Fridman Alexander Yakovlevich

Rubric: Mathematical cybernetics

Release: 2014-1 (4)

Pages: 321-331

Keywords: n-tuple algebra, logical inference, defeasible reasoning, collisions

Annotation: Boolean algebra is a widely known algebraic method in logic. This algebra is a counterpart of the propositional calculus. To model the predicate calculus, Lindenbaum-Tarski algebra, polyadic Halmos algebra and other algebras were proposed. However, these algebras are too abstract and complicated for algorithmization. In the given paper, we describe our n-tuple algebra that can be thought of as a generalization of mathematical theory of relations.

Bibliography: Kulik BO.AL., Zuenko AL.AN., Fridman AL.YA. ALGEBRAIC METHODS TO MODEL REASONING // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2014. – № 1 (4). – С. 321-331. doi:

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