Author(s): Kozunova О.М.

Rubric: Economy

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-4-30-38

Release: 2022-4 (43)

Pages: 30-38

Keywords: special economic zones, international trade, state regulation, foreign trade activity, regional economy, investments, trade zones, benefits

Annotation: The purpose of the article is to study the state regulation of special economic zones (SEZ), showing the essence, features of creation at the international level, integration into the economy, as well as systems of benefits and optimization of activities. The article analyzes the development of special economic zones in Russia within the framework of sanctions pressure, which forms the distribution of the trade load from imports to exports, which will satisfy the needs for the development of industries within the country on preferential terms of the SEZ, as well as form cooperation between countries. This article is devoted to the study of the issues of state regulation of our country in the field of legal and international economic activity, as well as the creation of new SEZs by industry and their implementation. The article discusses the forming of SEZs, which will form a significant liberalization and integration of international economic relations, as well as affect technological progress and structuring the economy of the regions of the Russian Federation. This article discusses legal novelties on narrowing the list of types of SEZs by combining technology-innovative and industrial-production zones. These measures should simplify the acquisition of resident status significantly. In addition, the bill also deals with new tax incentives. In the future, SEZs may become even more profitable and attractive for investors, which will affect the inflow of investments into the Russian economy.

Bibliography: Kozunova О.М. OPTIMIZATION OF STATE REGULATION OF SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES // Economics and Management. – 2022. – № 4 (43). – С. 30-38. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-4-30-38

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