Author(s): Dmitrieva M.A., Krishchenko E.P., Pavlova T.V.

Rubric: Methods and technologies of training and education

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-4-33-39

Release: 2020-4 (33)

Pages: 33-39

Keywords: personality, subject, subjectivity, resilience, involvement, control, risk taking, self-attitude, life-meaning orientations, personal potential

Annotation: The article analyzes the concept of resilience as an integrative characteristic of a person who is responsible for success in overcoming life’s difficulties. The results of a study of the characteristics of the resilience of psychology students are presented, according to which the average level of resilience prevails among students according to the diagnostic scales of the S Maddy method: “involvement”, “control” and “risk taking”. Empirically proved the statistical relationship of the above indicators of vitality with the scales of the technique used to diagnose the self-attitude of the subject: the purpose and process of life, life, the effectiveness of life, internal and external loci of control (scales of LSS, D.A. Leontiev), openness, self-confidence, self-leadership, self-attitude , self-worth, self-acceptance, internal conflict and self-accusation (MIS scales, S.R. Pantileev), moral normativity, neuropsychic stability and communicative features (MLO-AM scales, A.G. Maklakov, S.V. Chermyanin). Based on the analysis of empirical relationships between the indicators of resilience and self diagnostic variables subject is shown that the indicators of resilience have a meaningful connection with handling their own lives and personal characteristics of the respondents.

Bibliography: Dmitrieva M.A., Krishchenko E.P., Pavlova T.V. PECULIARITIES OF VIABILITY AND SELF-ATTITUDE OF PSYCHOLOGIST STUDENTS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2020. – № 4 (33). – С. 33-39. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2020-4-33-39

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