Author(s): Suvorova E.Yu.

Rubric: Educational environment

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2023-3-16-24

Release: 2023-3 (44)

Pages: 16-24

Keywords: the IT industry, professional training, future IT specialists, professional interest, pedagogical conditions

Annotation: The article emphasizes the importance of specialized training for IT-profile students in the context of digital transformation, considering their future role in technology development for the digital economy. Analysis of current research and labor market requirements in the IT industry leads to the conclusion that identifying key pedagogical conditions is necessary to foster the forming of professional interest, which serves as a strong motivational factor, stimulating the learning process and shaping educational and career trajectories. Special attention is given to defining the concept of “pedagogical conditions for the forming of professional interest among future IT specialists.” A complex of pedagogical conditions is presented, designed with consideration for the cognitive and professional activities of IT-profile students. The need for practical-oriented improvement of the content of specialized disciplines, organizing project-based independent work for future IT specialists, and developing assignments based on immersive technologies is highlighted. The article presents empirical data that prove the positive influence of the proposed conditions on the development of each component of the professional interest of future IT specialists, which will enhance their training in accordance with the labor market requirements.

Bibliography: Suvorova E.Yu. PEDAGOGICAL CONDITIONS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST FORMING IN IT-PROFILE STUDENTS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2023. – № 3 (44). – С. 16-24. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2023-3-16-24

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