Author(s): Gravshina I.N., Denisova N.I.

Rubric: Economy

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-4-48-54

Release: 2022-4 (43)

Pages: 48-54

Keywords: “digital maturity”, evaluation method, digitalization of the region, digital transformation strategy

Annotation: The article explores the definition of “digital maturity”, presents the author’s interpretation of the term under consideration. The methodology for determining the “digital maturity” of regions is revealed, which is used to assess the achievement of the national goal of the Russian Federation for the digital transformation of the economy. The main characteristics of “digital maturity” and the hierarchical relationship between subjects are indicated. On the example of one of the regions of Russia, a study was carried out and the results of systematization of problems that impede digitalization were presented. The detailed analysis made it possible to assess the level of “digital maturity” of the Ryazan oblast as a whole and in the context of individual components. The critical approach to the assessment results outlined the existing contradictions between the resulting indicators and the real situation in the economy. A grouping of factors preventing the forming of “digital maturity” of the Ryazan oblast is presented, which made it possible to determine the main directions for improving the regional digital development strategy.

Bibliography: Gravshina I.N., Denisova N.I. THE PROBLEMS OF DIGITAL MATURITY FORMATION IN THE RYAZAN OBLAST // Economics and Management. – 2022. – № 4 (43). – С. 48-54. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2022-4-48-54

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