Author(s): Soshnikova Tamara Arkadyevna

Rubric: Constitutional and municipal law

DOI: 10.21777/2587-9472-2019-2-36-42

Release: 2019-2 (20)

Pages: 36-42

Keywords: higher legal education, law “On education in Russian Federation”, federal state educational standards to direction Jurisprudence (level of baccalaureate), (qualification (degree) is a master’s “degree”)

Annotation: Some problems of the legal adjusting of higher legal education are examined in the article. The special attention an author turns on a concept vehicle, that дан in a law in force “About education in Russian Federation”, in that higher education is not named professional, that, in opinion of author, not right. On the basis of legislation about education citizen of Russia, studying in organization of higher education, a profession does not get, and “Jurisprudence” studies to direction. The problem of in absentia legal education that a citizen could get before rises in the article, but presently education on an in absentia form maybe only, if a person gets the second higher and subsequent education, whatever an author agrees with. The constitution of Russian Federation in article 43 gives to each a right to education, and the state supports the different forms of education and self-education. Limit of right on the receipt of higher legal education on an in absentia form, to according to

Bibliography: Soshnikova TA.AR. PROBLEMS OF IMPROVING LEGISLATION ON EDUCATION IN MODERN RUSSIA // Journal of Legal Sciences. – 2019. – № 2 (20). – С. 36-42. doi: 10.21777/2587-9472-2019-2-36-42

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