Author(s): Nikolaeva A.A., Kazachkina Y.Y.

Rubric: Methodological research

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2018-3-70-75

Release: 2018-3 (24)

Pages: 70-75

Keywords: education, institution, conflict, reorganization, social sphere, psychology, adaptation

Annotation: The article deals with the problem of reorganization in the sphere of education and the influence of the process discussed on the emergence of pedagogical conflicts. Much attention is paid to national programs as legal framework of the restructuring in education. The analysis helps to elicit the aspects of reorganizational changes relevant to the level of conflicts. Modern reform of education resulted in unification of educational institutions, management and curriculum change, the revision of wage system. It is proved that these modifications require adaptation efforts on the part of the participants of educational process and provoke pedagogical conflicts. The study reveals the specific features of conflicts in such dyad connections as “teacher-teacher”, “teacher-student”, “student-student”, “teacher-parents”, “teacher-manager”, “parents-manager”. The research shows that it is necessary to use social-psychological methods of conflict regulation.

Bibliography: Nikolaeva A.A., Kazachkina Y.Y. REORGANIZATION IN THE EDUCATIONAL SPHERE AND PEDAGOGICAL CONFLICTS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2018. – № 3 (24). – С. 70-75. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2018-3-70-75

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