Author(s): Tsvetkov V.Ya., Titov E.K.

Rubric: Information technology

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2021-3-72-79

Release: 2021-3 (36)

Pages: 72-79

Keywords: situational metamodeling, information field, information model, information situation

Annotation: The article explores metamodeling and situational metamodeling in the information field. It introduces a new concept of situational metamodeling. It shows the mechanism of object and situations transforming into an information field. It also shows the difference between an object model and an information situation model and between an object metamodel and an information situation metamodel. The author shows similarities and differences between a metamodel and an information structure model in an information field. An information situation metamodel is the most informative in comparison with the listed models and metamodels. Situational metamodeling based on information morphism transforms sets of model parameters into functional dependencies of the metamodel, which is the main benefit of metamodeling. Situational metamodeling allows us to draw the function of latent parameters and on this basis reveals implicit knowledge. The article shows information units as the unifying factor between models and metamodels. Information units are elements of the information field. Situational metamodeling makes it possible to identify the patterns of the information field. The patterns of an information field make it possible to identify patterns of the external environment. Situational metamodeling is a tool for learning and gaining new knowledge.

Bibliography: Tsvetkov V.Ya., Titov E.K. SITUATIONAL METAMODELING // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2021. – № 3 (36). – С. 72-79. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2021-3-72-79

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