Author(s): Polyakov Ivan Vladimirovich

Rubric: Management

Release: 2014-4 (10)

Pages: 71-77

Keywords: Transport (road) infrastructure, The state program of the city of Moscow «Development of transport system 2012-2016, Paid Parking, Cycle route, Walking route, Bicycle Parking, Toll Express highway, Public transport, Monthly limit for registration of new motor vehicles

Annotation: This article describes the traffic situation on the territory of the CAO (Central administrative district) of the city of Moscow as the most problematic and loaded road infrastructure in the capital. This article also describes the interim results and the planned goals and objectives of the State program of the Moscow transport system Development for 2012-2016, also reflects the major activities carried out to improve the system of management of the road infrastructure of the Central administrative district of Moscow. In conclusion the article describes international experience of building road infrastructure on the example of the world's largest megacities like Tokyo, London and Guangzhou

Bibliography: Polyakov IV.VL. DEVELOPMENT OF ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE IN MOSCOW CITY // Economics and Management. – 2014. – № 4 (10). – С. 71-77. doi:

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