Author(s): Nikolaeva Alla Alekseevna, Savchenko Irina Alekseevna, Pavlova Tatiana Sergeevna

Rubric: Methods and technologies of training and education

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2019-2-33-39

Release: 2019-2 (27)

Pages: 33-39

Keywords: coping behavior, adolescents, anxiety level, crisis period, coping-behavior, behavior strategies, adaptation

Annotation: The article deals with the complex of the main causes and factors of the problem of coping behavior in adolescence. Different approaches to definition of coping behavior and features of its manifestation are analyzed. Based on the mass of various behavioral manifestations that characterize the features of coping behavior or coping strategies, escape from the problem situation in adolescence is always associated with the manifestation of subconscious internal unmotivated fear associated with the problem situation. In order to identify the prevailing level of situational and personal anxiety as the main factor in the emergence of a variety of coping strategies in adolescence, the article presents the data of an experimental study using the method of diagnosis of the level of situational and personal anxiety CH. D. spielberger - Yu. L. Hanina. During the analysis of the results, three levels of severity of both situational and personal anxiety were revealed. The paper gives recommendations for leveling the negative features of coping behavior in adolescence.

Bibliography: Nikolaeva AL.AL., Savchenko IR.AL., Pavlova TA.SE. COPING BEHAVIOR OF TEENAGERS // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2019. – № 2 (27). – С. 33-39. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2019-2-33-39

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