Author(s): Kostromina Elena Aleksandrovna

Rubric: Management

DOI: 10.21777/2587-554X-2018-2-77-82

Release: 2018-2 (25)

Pages: 77-82

Keywords: High-potential young managers (HPM), HPM management problems, human resources, human capital, professional potential, competitive advantages of the organization

Annotation: In this article, based on the analysis of specialized literature and experience, the specifics of managing highpotential managers in companies are revealed, the role of HPM management processes in the development of the company is shown. In many Russian companies, high-potential young employees are given special attention, they are identified through various evaluation procedures, develop individual development programs, and enlist in the personnel reserve for managerial positions. The subject of the study is the human resources management system of modern companies in the part related to the management of high-potential managers (HPM) as the most important resource that can enhance the company’s competitive position. The subject of the study is the characteristic features of HPM and HPM management problems associated with the availability of these features, as well as with the management trends of the modern organization that have developed to date in Russia. Increased attention to the effective management of HPM is due to the increased role of intangible assets in the activities of organizations. Particular emphasis is placed on describing the attributes of HPM and the questions that confront the modern manager, who relies on talented employees. The main methods used in the study are system analysis and synthesis.

Bibliography: Kostromina EL.AL. SPECIFICITY IN DIRECTING OF HIGH POTENTIALMANAGERS IN MODERN COMPANY // Economics and Management. – 2018. – № 2 (25). – С. 77-82. doi: 10.21777/2587-554X-2018-2-77-82

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