Author(s): Gorbunova Yu.A.

Rubric: Methodological research

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2022-4-87-91

Release: 2022-4 (41)

Pages: 87-91

Keywords: digitalization of higher education, digital technologies, technocracy, anthropocentrism, new anthropology, anthropological practices

Annotation: The paper compares two approaches to understanding and implementing digitalization of higher education – technocratic and anthropological ones. The one–dimensionality and riskiness of the technocratic approach, which is based on reducing the digitalization of higher education to informatization, is shown. Within the framework of the opposite – anthropological approach, the importance of the ideas of the new anthropology for overcoming the risks of dehumanization of higher education and depersonalization of educational subjects generated by technocracy, pragmatization, and the cult of the speed of change in universities is substantiated. The concept of “anthropopractics” and the anthropopractical principle of education are revealed. The principles of antireductionism, anthropocentrism and anti-technicism formed the methodological basis of the study, which allowed the author to present the anthropological essence of higher education as a space of practices of self-creation, human self-construction, auto-projecting, self-actualization. The results of the study can become a conceptual basis for overcoming technocracy and the implementation of multidimensional, multilevel anthropologically oriented digitalization processes in universities.

Bibliography: Gorbunova Yu.A. THE DIGITALIZATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION: TECHNOCENTRISM VERSUS ANTHROPOCENTRISM // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2022. – № 1 (41). – С. 87-91. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2022-4-87-91

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