Author(s): Tsvetkov V. Ya., Mordvinov V.A., Matchin V.T.

Rubric: Information technology

DOI: 10.21777/2500-2112-2023-1-91-99

Release: 2023-1 (42)

Pages: 91-99

Keywords: three-dimensional modeling, virtual landscape, elevation map, mathematical “noise” algorithm, voxel, volumetric data

Annotation: The article explores spatial modeling associated with the construction of virtual landscapes. A virtual landscape is considered, which can describe either a real landscape or a scene of animated applications. The purpose of the work is to develop a technology for generating virtual landscapes, allowing to increase the reality of their representation with the prospect of application for training and game situations. The article considers voxelization technology, which is an alternative to pixelization technology in the construction of three-dimensional models. It is shown that the voxel is a kind of information unit. Three main components of the virtual landscape generation are described: the construction of elevation maps, noise generation, and the forming of virtual surfaces. The expediency of using fractal models to generate a virtual landscape is shown. The expediency of using fractal Brownian motion as a noise algorithm is shown. The systematics of algorithms for the forming of virtual surfaces is given. A technology is proposed that includes an adaptive module for procedural generation of virtual surfaces using the voxelization method and volumetric data. The results of an experiment are presented, during which a module was developed that clarifies the well-known Marching Cubes algorithm and gives a more realistic description of the virtual landscape.

Bibliography: Tsvetkov V..YA., Mordvinov V.A., Matchin V.T. TECHNOLOGY FOR GENERATING VIRTUAL LANDSCAPES USING THE VOXELIZATION METHOD AND VOLUMETRIC DATA // Education Resources and Technologies. – 2023. – № 1 (42). – С. 91-99. doi: 10.21777/2500-2112-2023-1-91-99

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