Release: 2014-5 (11)

2014-5 (11)


The strategic priorities of the Аrctic Geopolitics of Russia


Annotation: The publication consists of two interrelated parts. The first part contains the results of historical analysis, in-cluding the problem statement and conclusions. Analyzed foreign and domestic modern geopolitical doctrine in historical retrospect. Factors of efficiency, stability and instability of political and economic systems in terms of geopolitics. In the second part of the interrelation of geopolitics, geoeconomic and internal socio – economic policy. Analyses examples of effective implementation of geo-economic and socio-economic model of Western countries. Justified socio-economic priority Arctic geopolitics of Russia. The proposed geo-economic model and formulated proposals for implementing Arctic geopolitics of Russia

Rental worldview arctic development


Annotation: Considered issues of development of the Arctic zone of Russia on the background of frequent abnormal manifestations of nature, crises in the economic and political sphere. Basic provisions of the rental of the scientific worldview, including the law of natural resource rents, including its manifestation in the Arctic. Presented in the scientific truths are the basis for the formation of innovative economic policy and development strategy of the Arctic. Formulated research problem of the Arctic development. Conceptually, the methodology for its solution on the basis of the classification of natural reserves and natural capital on a single criterion. Scientifically based strategic goal and objectives of the Arctic. Examples of practical experience supporting advanced concept

The approach of blue urbanism as a basis of urban policy in coastal cities


Annotation: The article is devoted to the approach of blue urbanism. This approach was proposed by Professor of Sustainable Communities at the University of Virginia Timothy Beatley in an article “Blue urbanism: “The city and the ocean” in 2011. Blue urbanism asks the world community to re-imagine ourselves as citizens of a blue planet

The use of urban water resources: responsibility for their pollution


Annotation: The article highlights the use of water resources in the city and long distance, less urbanized conditions. The interaction of the city with nature mediates the lack of proper treatment facilities, inadequate technologies that are used in their creation and maintenance in the required condition

Perspectives of external economic development of north seaports: case of Nenets Autonomous Okrug


Annotation: The article is devoted to the issues of economic development of Nenets Autonomous Okrug and perspectives of solutions to these problems by Federal Public Programmes. The article is also devoted to the social and economic important issues of the region: housing development, road construction, development of sea ports

The formation of industry oil production from offshore fields and the risks of its further extensive growth


Annotation: The article is devoted to analysis of the development of offshore oil and gas fields and the risks of oil production at great depths. The author points out a line of disasters and their consequences for offshore and coastal zone, cities and other settlements, coastal infrastructure and threats to local flora and fauna