Release: 2015-3 (14)

2015-3 (14)


Interests of public sector In conditions of economic crisis


Annotation: The article notes that during financial crisis the problems of the utilities aggravated. The proposed Strategy of the development of the branch till 2020 does not consider the interests of all parties. The realization of economic interests requires institutional and technological changes, the changing role of the state and attraction of the private investments

Analysis of the dynamics of share in the sphere of services in the gross value added structure


Annotation: This article analyzes the dynamics of the share of services in the gross added value, produced in the economy of the Russian Federation during the period from 2002 to 2014. The study analyzes the changes in the share of services in two value measurers: in prices of 2008 and market prices. Based on the analysis` data in the article further trends in the development of services in Russia are shown

Evolution of development of models of innovative process


Annotation: Historical stages of development of innovative processes are considered, beginning from model of a technological push corresponding to conditions of the nonsaturated market and finishing with modern innovative model on the basis of information technologies corresponding to conditions of a saturated market

Features of innovative projects for industrial enterprises and their financing


Annotation: The papers estimates the peculiarities of the creation of innovative projects for industrial enterprises and their financing scheme

Economic security formation of agricultural enterprises


Annotation: Ensuring of state’s food security and development of rural areas directly depend on the level of economic security of agricultural enterprises, which are exposed to threats of a market economy. The article is devoted to theoretical justification of the economic essence, components and levels of economic security formation of agricultural enterprises as well as to the perspectives for its strengthening

General provisions and basic principles Innovation activities of enterprises


Annotation: The article deals with the methodological aspects of innovation enterprise, the basic principles and general provisions. Analyzes the structure and activities of innovation. Determined by the author's view on the state strategy of innovative development of the country

Industrialization infrastructure sector in the cities of Russia


Annotation: The article studies the issues of industrialization, infrastructural sphere as the process of further development of innovation infrastructure of small and medium-sized cities based on industrial production industrial infrastructure of universal elements (modules) in the factory and assembled on the site of their construction

The effectiveness of the system «bank – small entrepreneurship»


Annotation: In terms of import substitution, the article becomes especially actual and practically meaningful in connection with the necessity of a banking-credit system establishment which is the most needed for the users of banking services

Improvement of methodology for assessing the economic efficiency of decisions to create new technology


Annotation: This article provides suggestions for improving the methodological apparatus for evaluating the economic efficiency solutions for the creation of new technology. It considers a procedure for making a decision on each event and modeling stages

Theoretical legacy of S. Yu. Witte and problems of social responsibility formation of agricultural enterprises


Annotation: The role of S. Yu. Witte as one of the few statesmen who proceeded from the positions of economic progress seeking a solution for the peasant issue is revealed in the article. The urgency of some positions of S. Yu. Witte in village transformation to solve the task of modern integration of social responsibility principles into agricultural enterprises activity of Ukraine in the conditions of economic, political and social crisis is shown.

Social Controlling in sustainability core organizations and single-industry towns


Annotation: The article reveals the modern management tool of sustainable development – social controlling. The place of the social management system controlling the development of city-forming organizations. It is characterized by the interaction of management of city-forming organizations and local authorities in single-industry towns.

The administrative-territorial division of the border municipalities


Annotation: The author reveals the issues of the administrative-territorial division in connection with the Historical background of the municipalities. As an example, select the Rostov region, in particular the Tarasovsky district and Dyachkino

The main directions of the national strategy for financial security


Annotation: The article deals with the legal aspects of national-security. In this context, attention is focused on the financial sector. The theoretical approaches to the challenges and threats to the financial system of Russia. The author's study on the need for a national strategy for financial security

Tax incentives for the use of tools for enhancing Innovative processes


Annotation: The article substantiates the need for fiscal stimulation in order to enhance investment processes into the inovation activities. This study considers different ways to optimize the tax load of organizations, implemented by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. This tax load ensures the profit growth which is the main source of funding for innovation.

Functional urban areas as an instrument of national urban policy


Annotation: The process of urbanization needs to be regulated by means of the formation of national urban policy, but the lack of a common definition for the city prevents its development. This paper analyzes the new way for determining the boundaries of cities, developed in OECD countries. It allows researchers to classify and compare cities through the collection of urban data, based on a common methodology

Evolution of Russian policy in the Arctic


Annotation: The article describes the main stages of modern Russian policy in the Arctic, analyzed the problems encountered by the Federation in the implementation of its interests in this region of the world. Attention is paid to the approaches of Russia to the decision of key problems of the region, as international legal regime, the state and prospects of hydrocarbon deposits on the Arctic

Influence of mobility upon labor adaptation of works


Annotation: This article analyzes the impact of labor mobility in the adaptation of workers in the modern Russian economy. The paper found that in the conditions of a flexible labor market a significant role in the competitiveness of the employee plays its ability to move through the different segments of the labor market