Release: 2016-4 (19)

2016-4 (19)


New vectors of university journal


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-3-4

Annotation: The article introduces the new editor in chief. Represented prospects of electronic scientific publications in modern conditions, discusses the mechanism of cooperation with new authors. Chief editor draws the reader's attention to some of the published in the present issue publications, and announces future issues of the Bulletin

The strategic importance of territories of priority development for the country's economy


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-5-12

Annotation: The article describes the main provisions of the new instrument of regional economic policy - the territory of priority development. Determination of the legal regime of tori and their economic structure to more closely define the content of the new instrument of regional economic policy

Brexit, then everywhere: fate of integration groupings – care other coordinates


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-13-19

Annotation: Brexit is just not a fact emphasizing that the UK «breaks out» of the integration group, but rather some evidence that the European integration platform as a whole has «wavered». Brexit here represents the first sign of global, regional and world transformations: new processes, new paradigms enter the international arena driven by «new people» and geo-economic «points of view» on the world order. Brexit, then everywhere: the fate of integration unions – moving into different coordinates

Development of the innovative environment of the industrial enterprises as import substi-tution factor


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-19-24

Annotation: Due to the acceptance by a number of foreign countries concerning Russia of sanctions measures, the ban on sale to the Russian enterprises of new technologies and the hi-tech equipment in a number of industries the subject of development of the innovative environment of the domestic companies received a new boost to more careful research in the context of ensuring national security, decrease in dependence of strategically significant branches on foreign deliveries. In the present article the interrelation of development of the innovative environment and its influence on the solution of a task is investigated by the Russian industry of import substitution of production

Customs value and its problems in modern customs affairs


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-25-30

Annotation: The article considers the essence and the determination of the customs value of goods imported into the customs territory of the countries – participants of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as identifying the most problematic issues that arise in determining the customs value of imported goods

Organization of small business budget support on regional level


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-30-35

Annotation: The article deals with the process of organizing small business support at the regional level. This process is considered on the example of GBU "Small business of Moscow". The specificity and dynamics of this institution providing services in support of business in the Moscow region. Disadvantages of regional budget to support small businesses. Measures to improve the efficiency of the state budget to support small businesses

On the question of financial and monetary methods used CBR


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-35-43

Annotation: This article discusses methods of monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in modern conditions. Analyzes the contradictions in the assessments of the crisis processes in the banking sector of the state. Showing regard the fundamental theory and advanced management solutions in the inflation adjustment

Methods and approaches for valuation of land. Reduction of cadastral cost


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-43-51

Annotation: This article discusses the methods and ways of land market value determination as well as pro-cedure of the cadastral land valuation as of today

Management: state theory, problems and the need for change


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-52-57

Annotation: The article gives a brief analysis of the basic concepts of management, modern management and economic categories, their dependence on the economic basis. Formulated contradictions in management, determined the need for the formation of a new managerial elite and replacing borrowed ideas on the domestic theoretical legacy provided a critical synthesis of both directions

Methods of acceptance of management decisions in management: classification and scopes


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-57-63

Annotation: The methods of the acceptance of management decisions (AMD) classified by technologies of acceptance of management decisions are considered. Results of systematization of author's classification of methods PUR in the directions of applied management are provided

Domestic practice Personnel selection of municipal services – PROBLEMS AND PRO-SPECTS


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-63-68

Annotation: Currently, in terms of municipal services required to apply new methods of personnel selection designed to attract the most qualified experts, the relevant requirements of their positions. The article discusses the main challenges and possible solutions related to the optimization of personnel work at the level of the municipality

Comparative analysis of development light rail transit projects in the Moscow region and the «Greater Paris»


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-68-71

Annotation: This article investigates new opportunities that light rail provides for the development of the Moscow agglomeration. A comparative analysis of the two light rail projects: "Grand Paris" and the Moscow region to identify potential resource requirements for the implementation of such projects in Russian cities

Study of the basic elements of the service enterprise policy as a tool of marketing logistics


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-72-77

Annotation: The article presents the results of the research of customers ' satisfaction with the quality of the executed works and rendered services as a result of operation of logistics service system with the use of marketing tools. The analysis of the basic elements of the logistics service system and characterizes the main processes of their interaction to meet the needs of different segments of customers. And the necessity of identifying the initial customer expectations and evaluation of the perceived quality that is demanded marketing research methods. Aktualisierte the differentiation and segment relevant marketing component of logistics services, thus providing a background for further research in the perspective of logistics service

Economic policy and national impoverishment (second half of XIX - early XX centuries.)


DOI: 10.21777/2307-6135-2016-4-77-84

Annotation: The article examines the economic policies of the Russian Empire in the last period of its existence and its results, among which the most important process proved to impoverishment of the population. The author considers the policy consistently the most influential and prominent ministers of the empire and the results of such a policy